BIM Design Challenge - a Redington initiative Powered by Autodesk

The Design Challenge asks BIM users across the region to take on the challenge of conceptualising and delivering digital models for hypothetical projects in the region while working within the new normal. Participants have been given two challenges to resolve, with each project posing distinct scenarios and obstacles for contestants to overcome.

The idea behind these challenges is to actively promote and improve BIM technologies at all levels and to assess the level of knowledge of the technologies in architectural design.

The challenges ask contestants to solve the question of how their designs will function in the current social and economic context, using software to develop and shape a working environment that considers space and hygiene. What kind of architecture or design will be best suited for each site? Which programmatic proposal is best suited for a particular scenario? What proposition should accompany the particular task at hand?

A jury of the foremost BIM experts in the regional construction industry has been selected to evaluate the quality of each entry, focusing not only on the relevance of the applicant’s BIM method, but also on the quality of the design, planning and collaboration displayed.

The winners of the challenges will win Lenovo ThinkPad Mobile Workstations, with the results of the competition published in Big Project ME.

Deadline extended to 28th Feb 2021!

Meet the Judges