Date & Submissions

  • All applicants must register before the 23rd Dec 2020
  • Successful registrations will be notified via email which will need to be verified
  • For submissions of documentation, participants will be required to submit via a link that will be shared to all registered participants
  • All submissions must be sent no later than 28th Feb 2021

Existing Condition – 15%

  • 1.01. Modelling the Existing Condition

Scope Planning / Implementation – 35%

  • 2.01. Implementation Plan (high level execution plan describing information of team organisation, division of work, list of BIM software used - with version - roadmap/time)
  • 2.02. Platform for collaboration, diagram to illustrate the data transfer among various BIM software incl. model segregation)
  • 2.03. Smart building technology used, passive building design, sustainability, safety
  • 2.04. Compliance of spatial requirement (e.g., COVID-19 etc.)
  • 2.05. Additional studies: daylight / solar shadow / energy models

Deliverables – 35%

  • 3.01. Poster should identify the key points in design and how BIM is applied in design process collaboratively to achieve design challenge.
    • 4 nos. of A1 size and portrait orientation layout in English.
    • Minimum resolution 200 dpi.
    • Electronic format in jpg or png
  • 3.02. Video to demonstrate BIM implementation in design visualisation (walkthrough with material indication), disciplines BIM coordination process, creative BIM uses and passive building design.
    • Electronic format of video in avi or mpeg format, with or without voice over, sub-titles and music. Maximum 2.5 minutes.
  • 3.02. Native BIM Data
    • Native BIM data, file, or aggregate of files.
    • BIM models shall include all geometries, building and element information, views, images, area schedules (to show the comparison of schedule of area between requirements and proposed design).

Quality and Presentation – 15%

  • 4.01. Comprehension of Scope in the Proposal
    • Quality of Proposal (Quality, clarity, and responsiveness of proposal in conformance with instructions, conditions, and format contained therein)
    • Organization of the Proposal Document
    • Presentation of the Proposal